Fun, Cool, Profitable Agriculture!

Revolutionize your farm with an AI/IoT/big data platform made for agriculture

Improve agricultural operations with OPTiM's IoT solution

  • Reduce labor costs

    This platform helps you reduce the amount of labor needed to maintain a farm using drones and robots. AI drone image analysis can find problems such as insect damage or leaf discoloration. This way, staff can learn where problems are instantly, and focus on those areas, instead of spending time checking the entire field.

  • Easy farm work recording

    Record farm work easily, even while working. Our work record solution allows you to make records hands-free by voice or pictures from a smart device. Records can be used to show your progress towards GAP certification. In addition, this data can be integrated with weather data and sensor data.

  • Quick pest detection

    With AI image analysis, insects and insect damage can be detected early, minimizing the damage. The detection software shows the exact location and type of problem, so even new staff can deftly respond to any issue.

Optimize your farm with big data management and analysis

Check your fields remotely with drone images and sensor data

Equip your field with sensors, cameras, and drone scanning. Then, our app Agri Field Manager can show the state of your fields, utilizing image analysis, sensor data, weather data, farm work reports, and more.

Advanced analysis to visualize plant nutrition

Agri Field Manager also lets you analyze plant health. For example, NDVI is calculated using image data taken by a multispectral camera, and abnormalities, such as dying leaves, can be detected and displayed on-screen. With multilateral growth analysis from image data, sensor data, NDVI and SPAD values, our solution can determine the best conditions for your crops.

Key Terms

  • What is NDVI? NDVI stands for “Normalized Difference Vegetation Index,” and is a way to determine the quantity and condition of plants. It is calculated by the quality of light reflected off the plant, as measured by a specialized camera.
  • What is SPAD Value?
    SPAD stands for Soil-Plant Analyses Development Value, and is a numerical value of the chlorophyll concentration in plant leaves. With this information, a plant’s health can be determined for effective fertilizer application.

Make record keeping simple!

Record farm work effortlessly with Agri Assistant

Agri Assistant is equipped with voice assistant features, as well as voice-to-text conversion, so farm work records can be done with a smart device while working, no need for paper, or even to stop work to type. Notes can be converted to manuals for various procedures.

Easily keep accurate records for future use

This app can automatically log data such as location and time, as well as data input by voice, images, or text, so that actual, real-time agricultural work can be accurately saved. Use this data to record information needed for Global GAP certification*.
  • The process for this app to be a recommended system for Global GAP is in progress. Already an official recommended app by the Japan GAP Association.

Key Terms

  • What is GAP? Standing for “Good Agricultural Practice,” this is a set of standards for agricultural production. The goal for such standards is to provide farmers with guidance for agricultural practices that are both environmentally friendly and result in wholesome produce for consumers. Numerous countries and organizations have created specialied GAP standards. OPTiM is working towards creating a localized version of Agri Assistant that follows Global Gap standards.

    About Global GAP:

Insect detection by AI image analysis

With AI image analysis of drone images, early pest detection can be done easily, no matter the size of the field. Reduce pesticide use by spraying only on the affected areas, reducing both labor costs and supply costs, while improving the quality of your crops at the same time.
Different crops have different pests, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all produce. OPTiM has done extensive research to develop AI that can detect pests that damage certain crops. Currently, the company is testing pest detection AI for 27 different crops at 7 test sites in Saga Prefecture, in the southwest of Japan.

7 Test sites:

  • Saga University AgriCenter​​
  • Saga Prefecture Agricultural Research Trial Center, ​Main Field​​
  • Saga Prefecture Agricultural Research Trial Center, Mise Field​​
  • Saga Prefecture Tea Processing Research Area​​
  • Saga Prefecture Fruit Tree Research Area​​
  • PlantFarmJapan​​
  • Shigetomi Farm

Tested on 27 crops

  • rice
  • soybeans
  • onions
  • strawberries
  • asparagus
  • green tea
  • mikan (tangerines)
  • cucumers
  • cabbage
  • potatoes
  • broccoli
  • sunroot (Jerusalem artichokes)
  • okra
  • eggplants
  • green peppers
  • chili peppers
  • Japanese sweet potatos
  • taro
  • peaches
  • persimmons
  • loquats
  • kiwi fruit
  • sweet corn
  • winter melons
  • plums
  • spinach
  • pine trees

Fun, Cool, Profitable Agriculture with AI and IoT

Point 1

Reduce management costs

Constantly checking your crops by hand is no longer necessary. Reduce costs by replacing labor with IT and preventing disease in crops.

Point 2

A new era of agriculture

Improve agriculture. With IT, what was dirty, back-breaking work can now be a profession for the modern era with broad appeal.

Point 3

Advanced analysis

Improve crop quality and output with high-tech analysis utilizing NDVI and SPAD.

Point 4

Early pest detection

Reduce supply costs by detecting pests early with AI, and then applying pesticide to only those areas.

Point 5

Get GAP certification

Easily keep records of farm work and progress to GAP standards.

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